10 online Gifts which never go out of vogue

We have read about some of the craziest or costliest or coolest gifts historical figures have or had gifted to woo their beloved(s). But we can only dream of giving such gifts to our dear ones. Here are 10 gifts which can never go out of vogue or lose their appeal amongst you and me.

1. Flowers – Flowers and children are considered as the innocent and purest things in the world. s https://www.michaeljemery.com/ https://cahalenandeli.com/And who does not know about the universal charm of flowers? Thus while we talk about gifts, the first thing strikes our mind is a bunch of flowers. So flowers are voted all time hit as online gifts to India.

2. Chocolate – From little kids to young love-struck hearts, chocolate’s phenomenal craze crosses all the earthy barriers. So chocolates always remain the chart-topper in the competition between all online gifts. A recent market research shows that people from abroad keep looking for different variety of chocolates while sending gifts to India.

3. Cake – Yummy, delectable, finger-licking, ambrosial! Yes, all these wonderful adjectives if used to describe a single thing then it has to be cake. From chocolate cake to vanilla flavored one, from a simple round shaped with a cherry topping to gorgeous three-tier pristine white wedding cake, the variety of its shapes, sizes, flavor and decoration make it another hottest gift item forever. Cakes as gifts to India are mostly favored on birthdays and anniversaries though.

4. Jewellery – Now this may not be for all, but still while talking about the trends of sending online gifts to India, we cannot ignore the demand for jewelleries. Women folk tend to go head over heels just for jewelleries. As it is said diamonds are girls’ best friends. So no matter what is the occasion, you can pamper or woo or appreciate a lady just by gifting those crafts.

5. Pen – Pen also holds a strong position in the list of best gifts to India from across the world. It is much popular among boys. So this can be described as a guy thing. But pen is also gifted to young ones going to school or college. Branded pens like Parker or Pierre Cardin are still appreciated as elite gifts.

6. Perfume – From Egyptian civilization to modern era, the allure of fragrance seems to hypnotize human kind with its inescapable temptation. The aroma of cedar, blue water or other natural scent make perfumes one of the costliest gifts of all the time.

7. Apparels – Universal and the most convenient option of gifting. We all love to get fashionable clothing as gifts. It can be a saree for a woman or a branded shirt for a man or may be a baby frock for the little girl – apparels are easy to choose and easy to gift. Thus it has become